Founded in the year 2007, Tenorshare is a highly-rated software and has won quite a lot of awards for its innovative software and applications. This software is recommended by Macworld and has been termed as great ios repairing software. This software is perfect for those users who want to recover their lost data and the files from their Apple device. 

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What is Tenorshare?

It is a data recovery software through which all the deleted data can be recovered easily and directly from any iPhone. 

The data loss in any iPhone can be prevented easily but sometimes an error can occur. It can be a bad iOS update, user error, or a virus, or even dropping the phone. Backups can somewhat help the users in retrieval of their data but most of the time these backups cant catch a lost data or item and there might be times when your backup is not up to the date. 

So this software was designed, keeping all the issues in mind. It helps the users in retrieval of their data even if there wasn’t any backup. With the help of this software more than 20 types of files such as contacts, messages, notes, call history, calendars, photos, videos, Viber and WhatsApp data, and much more can be retrieved. 

To retrieve the data, you can scan directly the lost data in any iPhone, even if there wasn’t any backup. Data can be restored on any iPhone from the backup created in iTunes, even if the backups are deleted or lost. And one can restore data from iCloud backup as well. 

Download for Windows

The software is so advanced it can even recover the data from a damaged iPhone, crashed or broken or smashed iPhone easily. The software can easily retrieve the data from a jailbroken iPhone. The best thing about this app is that it can recover the iPhone data from iCloud storage easily. This software is quite secure and the customer service of this application is up to the mark. Users who have experience in affiliate marketing can join the company and earn quite a huge amount of profits easily. 

List of Features of Tenorshare

Recover Deleted Data:- Through an in-depth scan, one can recover deleted data easily through this software.

Recover iTunes Backup Data:-Users with the help of this software can scan and preview their iTunes backup files and can recover them easily. 

iOS System Fix:- Users can fix the iOS 14 beta before data recovery to ensure success.

Support:- The software supports more than 35+ file types and apps like WhatsApp, Line, KIK, Viber, and more.

Smart Recovery Modes:- The software provides the users with three smart recovery modes which include:- Restoring data directly from iPhone without backup file. Recovering iPhone data from iTunes backup file. Restoring iPhone data from the iCloud backup file.

App Data Recovery:- The software supports recovering the data from apps such as Instagram, Viber, Flickr, iPhoto, and iMovie. 

How to Download and Install Tenorshare for PC 

Download for Windows
  • Users can download the software from its official site. Navigate the site for the download link. Click on the download link to start the download of Windows or Mac installer of Tenorshare.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the installation. Click Finish to complete the installation. Double click on the exe file either on the desktop or the location where you installed the application. Now your application will run.  

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