Mario, no doubt, was everyone’s favorite game in the previous days. There was a time when everyone, be it an adult or a child, was obsessed with Mario as a game. The entire platform, game structure, and designing of the game was unique and exciting, which made people get addicted to the game in no time.

FULL NAME:Super Mario Flashback
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Super Mario Flashback is another exciting game that has been developed by a Mario game fan. The entire interface of this game is exceptionally stunning.

The game brings out the animation of the pixels art in the best possible form, some catchy tune, and moves to the 2D classic game platform.

Previously the game was seen getting featured on Alpha Beta Gamer. This was the time when Super Mario Flashback was just in its initial stages of the Tech demo. Currently the game, Super Mario Flashback is becoming the biggest Mario fan game that has been made.

It is also emerging to be the biggest 2D Mario game that has ever been made. Currently, the game has three full levels, where each of the levels is very exciting and adventurous.

Each of the levels has something fun to offer and test the player’s platforming skills. The game very subtly does show off the way it is made in the best possible manner.

Download for Windows

When the download Super Mario Flashback, the first thing you will observe is how beautiful and stunning the game is in terms of its looks. The developers have made sure to make the game as easy as possible by doing as much detailing one can do.

The whole purpose of the developers was to create the interface of the game in such a manner that makes it very easy for the players to play without any hassles. Even the animations of characters done are next-level gorgeous. The Mushroom kingdom, which is shown in the game looks absolutely stunning and ever beautiful.

Developers have left no chance to show off the new areas which have been developed, such as the underground levels. The developers have also made sure to show off its enemies, such as Hammer Bros.

The developers have also added some of the tweaks to the classic set up in Mario’s game, which the player can easily break it off into an arms-out run, slide, power bounce, wall slide or jump, etc.

The player to clear the levels will need an immense amount of practice for this game.

Download for Windows

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