The little jumping aficionados have undoubtedly bought Nintendo back with the game. Super Mario Bros 3 comprises Mario and Luigi with the third iteration of the series, which is packed with a plethora of levels to play upon. Though venturing into a new world seems exciting and intimidating for many, the game provides a total of eight new worlds with eighty areas to save the princesses from the evil hands of Kuppa King. 

FULL NAME:Super Mario Bros. 3
CONSOLENintendo Entertainment System
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The game is broken down into these eight worlds, and each world has its ruler. The story revolves around Mario and Luigi to storm their way in defeating the final leader, Gargantuan Guardian. The purpose of defeating this evil monster is to obtain the wand and turn all the leaders into their original human form.  

Every level is accessible, and ultimately it is a challenging task at most. Despite all the hardships, the game provides high-quality graphics, good gameplay, and audio/visual sentiments. It’s what anyone would usually expect from a game of this caliber. 

Super Mario Bros 3 is packed with exciting powerups, fame game features, bonus squares, card games, treasure rooms, and much more. It’s up to the player to decide the fate of these worlds and save the day from the treacherous hands of the evil king. 

Which Gaming Console Emulator to Use?

Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. 3
Download for Windows

Super Mario Bros 3 is playable in almost all Game Boy emulators but was released for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Though there are plenty out there, the one which stands out the most for us is RetroArch for Windows users.

Another key feature is that the game doesn’t take up much space and is a couple of megabytes in size. Adaptability in the older system is excellent and doesn’t crash as often as other emulators. Through the toolbar, controlling the emulator becomes a hassle-free process. 

Three Related Games 

Mario Bros 

It’s a tale between two brothers Luigi and Mario, trying to fight off weird crawling creatures from their pipes. The game proves to be endlessly crammed with different levels and challenging stages—a must-try for those authentic Super Mario lovers. 

Download for Windows

Super Mario Bros 2

The game is quite similar but a bit of outdated graphics. It comprises of twenty-seven levels where the player can use Mario to fly. Help your plumber friend to defeat evil birds, turtles, witches, sharks, and much more to conquer the world and free the people from Wario’s wicked spell. 

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

The game is a beautiful take on the standard version of Super Mario, where players can subject themselves to the role of Yoshi. The entire story is about getting little Mario back to his parents after getting kidnapped by Kamek. The tale of traveling to different worlds to get him back is truly an adventure of its own. 

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