There’s no doubt that games these days are getting far better. This is all thanks to the technological advancements made in graphics and the overall creation process of games. But compared to 10 years back, things weren’t necessarily the same. 

Open world games lacked that immersive nature, but few titles outsmarted every other title in the market. Skyrim is one such example that offered an open-world adventure game that made the best use of missions and the side quests. And the overall storyline gave it that competitive edge. 

Developed and published Bethesda, the game did climb greater heights with its releases being made on different platforms through different year stages. 

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Static Mesh Improvement Mod

One of the best RPG OpenWorld adventure games ever made, Skyrim comprises of various 3D models and characters. But if you were to start playing the game, you realize that the game consists of ugly 3D models and nothing presentable. Other than some basic structures here and things, things are quite outdated and feel dreadful at most. 

The game feels as though it focuses more on making the weapons, enemies, armor, and other character-oriented things much more appealing. And it forgets the background items that need a significant overhaul. 

The following mod helps get the best improvement possible to all the buildings, furniture, objects, and much more. Through the mod, expect somewhere around the region of 30,000+ changes to occur. And with more updates on the way, one can make the game much more appealing to the human eye. 

As the name suggests, the mod improves the graphical outlay to the game objects, ensuring that it’s presentable and removes the ugly nature entirely. 

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