In our society, we have varied set of people with very different and unique like, wants and interests. One thing common in each of them is the love and affection people have for video games, which remains constant.

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There is a category of people who love playing the fighting or the action games. The other category of people like to play basic and mind refreshing games such as cooking, dress up etc.

On the other hand, there are people who like to try their hands on horror and thriller games as well.

Start survey? Comes under the category of some creepy thriller and horror games. What the game does is, that it hypothetically recognizes that a player is sitting in a tiny room with a laptop in-front and is all set with some interesting questions which you are supposed to answer.

There are a variety of questions which a player needs to answer such as things about you and your life, your likes and dislikes, interests. The questions also are framed in such a way to know about the beliefs if your life, the goal, vision, and mission.

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All that the player has to do is to click on either yes or no. The player will have no idea about who is posting these questions. Hence, the only trick is the more answers you give, the more early you realize about what exactly is going on in the game.

Start Survey? Is considered to be a very unique and atmospheric game that tends to make the player feel very lonely in that tiny grey room. We can’t really call this game a full horror one as well.

However, this game does have some kind of resemblance from Twilight Zone. The vibe and some clever touches draws the attention of the player to this game.

The basic purpose of this game is to make the player enter a zone where he or she themselves feel baffled about what exactly is happening around them. The game makes the players enter a very different zone mentally and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable.

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As a player, one needs to be very mentally strong and focussed to be able to get through the game in the best possible way. Also, the players need to be keen observers and have a proper look at whatever is happening around them to gather some clues about the situation.

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