Pixelated simulation games do offer their fair share of immersiveness in terms of gameplay options and other parameters. For the same, there were several titles released that offered the same, but one stood out the most from the rest. 

Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulation game that was based on a semi 3D universe. The game revolves around the character who gets away from the hustle-bustle of the city and takes over a farm from his deceased grandfather. 

Though it might be a mountainous task of inheriting such a considerable objective, the game is based on this. The game offers an open gameplay features where players can grow crops, raise livestock, socialize, selling & producing crops, get married and have kids as well. 

The game also allows users to play online with other players as well. It was developed and published by Concerned Ape in 2016 for the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, play station vita, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. 

Mods for the Game

To elevate the overall gameplay of the game, there are quite some extensive array of mods that helps in many aspects of the game. They either help in improving the gameplay or adding more elements to the game to expand the gameplay entirely. 

But for those that are looking for the tracker mod, then it’s quite a cumulative mod that has various functions. All of which are given below. 

Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

Stardew Valley Tractor Mod
Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

As the name suggests, the mod helps in adding a tractor to the garage, which helps in working efficiently and increases productivity. It helps in working with crops, ploughing the field, clear out debris and much more.  

If you wish to use it, then you will have first to install it. And then in the game, you will have to buy the tractor garage with the tractor from Robin. Once purchased, you can take the tractor and add on the things that you wish to do in one round of taking it out. It’s entirely configurable in terms of what needs to be done and much more.  

To know what more it can do, some pre-set things are already retrofitted into the mod. The tractor has the below-mentioned features set by default. 

  • Pickaxe  – breaks rocks, tilled dirt.
  • Grass starters – plant grass.
  • Watering – can waters crops.
  • Axe – clears twigs, weeds, dead crops.
  • Fertiliser – fertilises crops and trees.
  • Seeds – plant seeds in the dirt.
  • Hoe – tills dirt, digs artefact spots, and clears weeds.

Though, from the above-given functions, some might have to be configured to work by default. 

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