Stardew valley has undoubtedly taken the entire world by storm, all thanks to its pixelated gameplay and a simple storyline. Though it might be a simple game, the fans that it has attracted are broad and diverse. 

The story revolves around your main playable character who shifts back from his city life to take over his deceased grandfather’s farm. But he doesn’t realize that it’s going to part of his life and he has to make the most of this. In the game, you have to raise livestock, produce crops, harvest them, socialize with others, raise a family, etc. There are plenty of simulations. 

Developed and published by Concerned Ape, the game was released back in 2016 for an extensive array of gaming platforms. 

Multiplayer Mod for Stardew Valley 

Multiplayer Mod
Multiplayer Mod

Mods, in general, are quite simple and straightforward in terms of what they have to offer. They either make the gameplay relatively easy and appealing or overhaul the entire physics and graphics of the game. Nevertheless, today we have another exciting mod for you that is quite appealing and interesting at the same time. 

Through the multiplayer mod, players can invite any number of your friends with a LAN connection or an internet connection. The mod helps in the elimination of the hardcoded cabin limit for the host, removal of hardcoded player limit in multiplayer case and disposal of hardcoded network limit as such. It’s quite an interesting mod that does the job for many who are looking to play the game with their friends and others on the same platform. 

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