Stardew Valley is a Simulation game that takes players through the journey of your primary character that you are playing. Don’t worry, it’s nothing boring, but then your character inherits a farm from his deceased grandfather and leaves the tiresome city life, and moves back to the farm. 

Here, he performs different activities such as growing produce, harvesting, socializing with people, marrying, raising kids, and so on. The game is in a pixelated format so that players can enjoy a pokemon-Esque gaming style.

The game was developed by Concerned Ape and published by the same developers. It was published in 2016 to a range of platforms where many people acclaimed the game to be quite exciting and different. 

Hair Mod for Stardew Valley

Hairstyle Mod
Hairstyle Mod

Mods have a vast role in changing the overall gameplay features that a standard game has to offer. No doubt, different mods have different expectations, but each of them does their job beautifully and ensures that the player gets the modifications carried out seamlessly. 

But for those that are looking to change the hairstyles of the characters in Stardew Valley? Then it’s now possible through this mod. The mod comprises of 16 new hairstyles that affect almost all characters in the game. Even a few NPC characters as well. But being a pixelated format, determining the changes that the mod brings might be untraceable. 

Even then, if you feel like using the mod, then it’s simple to provide new hairstyles to characters. The appearance is changed to some extent making it an excellent gameplay experience for players.  

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