Imagine leaving the city’s hustle-bustle and moving into a Farmside place where you have to spend your entire life. Well, it’s just imagination and nothing else; thus, the game offers a similar, in fact, the same experience. 

But just to put it in clearer worlds, the story revolves around your characters who inherit your grandfather’s property, which happens to be a farm. So you leave the city and move in here. Though it’s a new experience, you start mingling around and see how you can get comfortable with the new environment. 

Though the game is a simulation game, you get much more than what you could ask for. The game is pixelated and offers players a hands-on experience with farming, selling, buying farm equipment, raising a family, socializing, and much more. 

The game was developed and published by the folks at Capcom in 2016. There is a wide range of platforms on which the game was released, including the likes of mobile platforms, PlayStation consoles, and Microsoft Windows. 

Furry Mod for Stardew Valley 

Furry Mod
Furry Mod

Mods are quite handy when it comes to the overall changes you seek to have in a game. They are quite elaborative and offer the best to make the user experience of playing the game quite different. They also ensure that players get the best experience of what the game has to offer. 

The furry mod is one such mod that gives players the complete ability to change one particular aspect of the game. For those wondering what this might be? Then it’s the ability to change the NPC of the game. You can now make them andromorphic to suite the farm-themed environment where you reside. 

There is an extensive array of NPC collections that appear to be right from a cartoon show. If you remember Swat Cats from the 90’s, then expect the entire town to be filled with cat, cow-like humans, which does make the experience quite compelling to some extent. 

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