Star Wars Galaxies is a Star Wars theme-based multiplayer online game. It is for Microsoft Windows. Sony Online Entertainment is the creator. LucasArts is the distributor. Delivered on June 26, 2003, to much basic recognition, it brought forth three extensions through 2005 

FULL NAME:Star Wars Galaxies

The base game, named Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, was delivered on 26 June 2003 in the US and on 7 November 2003 in Europe. A limited variation for the Japanese market was circulated by EA Japan on 23 December 2004. Japanese affirmation of the game was low, and in November 2005 the laborers were shut down and existing records moved to US laborers. 

Each character and creature has three “pools” (called Health, Action, and Mind; or “HAM”) that addressed their physical and mental stores. Most attacks unequivocally are centred around one of these three pools. Similarly, any move the character makes is depleted in any event of one of the pools. Exactly when any of those pools was totally depleted, the character would fall careless. Fight the player to meticulously manage their exercises to go without depleting a pool. 

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Highlights of Star Wars Galaxies 

Ground Combat 

Ground battle in Galaxies is continuous and like a first person shooter. Dissimilar to most MMORPGs, regardless of whether an assault hit was not exclusively founded on the character’s expertise numbers. The player needed to point a focusing reticle at an objective and left-click the mouse to fire. Auto-point and auto-fire highlights were later made accessible, making a more customary battle insight, yet players shunning those alternatives were remunerated with an expanded opportunity to do the most extreme harm. As characters picked up levels (by picking up experience focuses, known as XP), they accessed extra battle capacities, called “specials,” which were “terminated” by utilizing the correct mouse button.

These specials normally had a chill off period during which they couldn’t be reused, however, they were significantly more remarkable or flexible than the fundamental left-click assault. Specials were additionally used to recuperate characters and improve their different capacities just as decline an adversary’s measurements. Notwithstanding these specials, players picked up the capacity to utilize all the more impressive and changed kind of weaponry as they climbed the positions in their picked calling. For instance, the KYD-21 blaster gun was restricted to the Spy calling. 

Space Combat 

Space battle in Galaxies was like a ground battle. Players needed to focus on their objectives (frequently expecting to “lead” their objective to make up for the objective’s development) and snap a catch on the mouse or joystick to fire. Achievement in space battle was generally subject to player aptitude, yet not exactly similarly as observed in past Star Wars space-test system games. As characters progressed in their steering callings, they accessed an assortment of strategies, starship case, and starship segments. Their boats could be totally modified with parts plundered from adversaries or created by shipwrights. Accessible case incorporated the X-wing and Y-wing for Rebels, TIE Fighters and TIE/IN interceptors for Imperials, and new Hutt and Black Sun transport plans for Freelancers. 

System Requirements 

There are no framework prerequisites for this game. It will deal with any working framework on a PC. 

Step by step instructions to Download Star Wars Galaxies 

1. Search for Star Wars Galaxies on your PC’s program. 

2. Choose one of the sites and download the setup for the same. 

3. Install the setup and begin playing the game.

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