Are you fed up with that malicious software like spyware, ransomware, Trojans, etc., on your PC? All your problems have a single solution, i.e., SpyHunter software. This application is one of the most powerful tools available to deep cleanse your system. This application is designed so that it scans and deletes all malware from your system thoroughly. It can even check the rootkits, which are the encrypted files, and are mostly overlooked by the anti-spyware applications.


During the last scanning process, you will be asked to reboot your system. This is the crucial phase as it removes all the malware from your device. The application is supported on Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system. Many advanced features will stop the regeneration of the rootkits on your PC and will thoroughly remove the above while booting it. The application is listed in the Anti-spyware type of software.

Key features

  • One-on-one customer service: The application is designed in such a way that it facilitates handling issues. The interactive help desks which are available will solve the problems which otherwise are not getting addressed automatically.
  • Straightforward interface: The developers have kept the application easy and user friendly. This allows you to access the software with ease without any hindrance. So now, you will not have to learn any rocket science techniques to use the application
SpyHunter - A Powerful Malware Detection & Removal Tool
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  • Exclusion: If you do not want an application to get detected or scanned, this feature will surely help you. You can easily remove any application from future detection.
  • Freeware: SpyHunter is a free application. This means you can avail all the features of the software without investing a single penny from your pocket.
  • 100% safe and secure: This application is in the users’ choice list. Its fast and sound behaviour is reliable, so you will not have to think twice about getting it on your device. It won’t harm or corrupt your system.
  • Custom fixes: A specified report is created by the SpyHunter and Spyware help desk. The custom malware fixer will work automatically and fix the problem of your system. The application will even send you a report of all the trouble and fixing if you request it.

Series of steps to download and install SpyHunter on your PC/ Mac

Step 1 – Go to your desired browser and double-click on it. Use the search bar available there.

Step 2 – Type on the search tool and press enter.

Step 3 – Once the site is open, click on the download button available.

Step 4 – A file named “SpyHunter Installer.exe” will be initiated to download. You can even refresh the page in case the process is not started.

Step 5 – Now go to the section on your device. There you will find the “SpyHunter-Installer.exe” file. Double-click the file on your device.

Step 6 – As soon as the process begins, a “User Account Control” dialogue box will appear. Click “Yes” to move the process forward.

Step 7 – Now, choose your desired language and click “OK.”

Step 8 – After the above process, a small box will appear again. Now click the “Continue” option.

Step 9 – Read all the terms and conditions of the License agreement and privacy policy there click on the “I accept to” option on the screen.

Step 10 – Finally, to wrap up the whole process, click on the ‘Finish” option. If your screen shows any dialogue box, then enter the required information needed; otherwise, you can accept the default information designed in the system. Now you are all set to avail of all the latest features of the application.

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