The early 2000s was quite the time where things were relatively nascent, and it did feel like technology was still innovating itself into being something different and unique. But then audio recorders and computers played a vast role in ensuring that recordings could be managed and played repeatedly. Though not many applications provided features like this free, one application did and was quite famous back then. Read on to learn more about this application. 

FULL NAME:Soundboard
Download for Windows

What is a soundboard?

Soundboard is an application that lets users create a playlist comprising of 21 WAV music files that could be played in any orientation possible. Users can set different parameters to play the tracks along with syncing rhythms and other comparable things. Music would start playing all by the click of a button, and it was a great application if you are looking to have fun through sounds/music. 

Soundboard 1.60 - Download
Download for Windows

Key features of the application. 

Multi-features platform. 

The platform allowed for soundboards to be saved and allowed for multi triggers to initiate different sounds to start playing. 

Completely free. 

The application is free of cost and packed with dynamic features but in a small-sized package. 

Integrated routers. 

Sound can flow through the virtual audio cable and the speakers at the same time. Also, the platform helped in the conversion of one audio file format to another. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download for Windows
  • Get the latest installation files for the software. 

Download soundboard from any one of the third party sites that still hosts the files. 

  • Install it.

Open the installer from the downloaded files and follow the on-screen set of instructions to install it. 

  • Enjoy. 

Start creating your soundboards through the software and save them once created to be viewed later on. 

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