Soul Knight is a fantastical shooting game that deals with every possible extra-terrestrial you can imagine. It holds the title of ‘best shooter game in the mobile store’, and rightly so.  It is filled with a horde of aliens and weapons that will have you buzzing with excitement. Choose a weapon of your taste and start blowing away the aliens’ minds, literally! The game is blessed with super easy controls and cool graphics that make the gameplay immensely enjoyable. Save the world from the alien invasion and become the hero you were destined to be.

FULL NAME:Soul Knight
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Key Features Of Soul Knight

Loads Of Characters
An army of heroes eagerly awaits you to make your pick. In addition, you get to choose a pet who becomes your strongest ally in the face of danger. On the darker side, there are countless evil spawns lurking around.. You choose your hero and lead him into their fray. There is no elaborate storyline which is great. The less talk there is, the more action you will get.

Cutting –Edge Weaponry
There are a whooping 180 weapons waiting in the weaponry. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, grenades and there are so many more that you will never run out of options. One of the best features of the game is that there is an automatic target system. Your aim zeroes in on the enemy closest to you and bang! You blast them with one pull of the trigger. 

Extraordinary Gameplay
You need to survive the dungeon riddled worlds through five levels straight. With every level, you get your health and weapon bonuses that aid you when you fall to the ground.  Enemies are crawling all over the place and it’s your job to clear the dungeons to save the world, one arena at a time.

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Download for Windows

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS

CPU Processor: Snapdragon 430 Octa Core 1.4GHz

Graphics Processor: Adreno 505

RAM Memory: 2 GB

Minimum Storage Space: 350 MB

How To Download It On PC

Nothing beats playing mobile games on PC. You reach new levels of appreciation for the game, considering the window is larger and the graphics are more contrastable. Playing games like Soul Knight on the computer will completely redefine the gameplay experience for you. It sounds tantalising yes, but you must be wondering how to download an android exclusive app on Windows. Luckily for you, we have all the answers. You just need something called an ‘Android emulator’. Its sole purpose is to emulate the android environment on PC consoles. Here, we will be using one of the most widely used emulators called MEmu Play.

  1. First, go to the website It is the official site of the emulator wherein you can download it easily.
  2. After download completes, launch the application. Go to the Play Store that is prebuilt in it. Before you access its features, make sure you sign into your Google account.
  3. Now search for the app in the store. From the search results, select the right one to start downloading.
  4. Soul Knight will download on your system and before you know it, you will be fighting souls in the large window of your PC.
Download for Windows

The above method applies to Mac OS as well. That’s the wonderful attribute of MEmu. It has one download protocol for all platforms.

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