Action-packed games have that flavor of intensity and bloodshed with the power of weapons that make all the difference. But when it comes to a weapons shielding game that comprises of a 2D layout but incorporating a 3D scenario, then games do get enticing and exciting at the same time. 

Soul Calibur 6 is one such game that implies various characters that go on one another in terms of a 2D layout but have the entire 3D physics in the game. There are several characters to choose from, and each one has its strength and weaknesses. 

The game was developed by and published by Bandai Namco Studios in 2018. The platforms that rec9ieved the game were Microsoft Windows, play station four, and Xbox One. To add in more elements into the game, mods can be utilized. 

Nude Mod for Soul Calibur 6 

Soul Calibur 6 Nude Mod
Soul Calibur 6 Nude Mod

In general, models come in various formats where each one has its take on what it does for the game. Nude mods are generally used for displaying the character utterly naked without any clothes whatsoever, and the same reflects the mod up for discussion. 

The nude mod for Soul Calibur 6 removes all the female characters’ clothes and replaces them with rendered nude transparent orientation. 

All of the orientation, figures, and the body type are all similar, but you could say that it changes the clothes to appear to be nude but not nude at the same time. The mod brings upon minor customization to the costumes making a broader impact on the overall gameplay. All the physics is enabled, making it as realistic as possible. 

Though the nude mod doesn’t suffice for all characters, a list of all the characters that can be changed through this mod are given as follows. 

  • Talim. 
  • Amy. 
  • Ivy. 
  • Xian. 
  • Mitsurugi. 
  • Sohita. 
  • Seong. 
  • Maxi. 
  • Kilik. 
  • Raphael. 
  • Siegfried. 
  • Tira. 

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