Classic games have made their way into our hearts and created a permanent place for themselves within us. No matter how mad the graphics or the gameplay was, the storyline and the little animations here and there did make it a worthwhile experience. Especially when you talk about Sega, the company came into the limelight, all thanks to its sonic series. If you are looking for an exciting title in the Sonic series, we have a discussion today. 

FULL NAME:Sonic World Game

What is Sonic World?

Derivative from its name, the sonic world is the effective collaboration between all the characters in the Sonic universe, where players have to choose from more than 32 characters in the game. The game is quite elaborative with different levels but no concrete storyline. It’s a 3D oriented game that offers the traditional sonic affair that ensures that players receive gameplay experience possible. 

Key features of the game

Sonic World R8 (Fan Game) Gameplay - YouTube

Multiple characters to choose from. 

More than 32 characters choose from, and every character has their power upgrades and much more. 

Adventure vibes. 

The entire game gives you an adventure vibe where you can roam the place and take part in challenges and other actions to have a relaxing and admirable affair while playing the game. 

Make your dream team.

Players have the option to make their dream team by combing their three favourite characters together and playing the entire game. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • CPU – Pentium 2.4GHz. 
  • OS – Windows XP and higher. 
  • RAM – 1GB. 
  • Storage – 500-600MB. 
  • VRAM – 256MB. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Get the installation files. 

Download the latest version of the installations files for the game from any third-party site that you wish. 

  • Install it. 

Once downloaded, open the installer and install the game based on your preference and settings. 

  • Enjoy. 

Have fun playing the game to your fullest extent. 

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