Sonic Colors is a video game released in 2010 that was published by Sega. The game is one of the instalments in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The script of the game was written by the writers, Ken Pontac and Warren Graff. 

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The games follow the storyline of Sonic and his quest to defeat Doctor Eggman. Doctor Eggman has enslaved the alien race by taking over the world. The gameplay is almost similar to the other Sonic game. The players in the game have to collect the rings and defeat the enemies along the way. The game offers the players two camera perspectives that keep you can switching from third-person view to side-scrolling view at your convenience. 

Sonic Colors is a platform game where the player controls Sonic the Hedgehog. The ultimate goal of the game is to save the alien race also known as the wisps. The game consists of an amusement park that has five small planets close to each other. The player should control the main character Sonic through these planets and destroy the power source at the center of these planets. 

Sonic Colors consists of six levels called acts and one boss level. To complete a level players must defeat the enemies and dodge the obstacles. In the boss levels, the player has to battle with the large robots sent by doctor Eggman and defeat them. Players are given a grade after completing the level that depends on their performance. S is the best grade whilst Dis the worst grade. Players can unlock more planets as they go on completing the levels. 

Features of sonic colours are as follows:

Multiplayer mode:

SonicColors features a multiplayer mode in which the players control Sonic robots or their characters in a series of levels. Players have to unlock these levels by collecting star rings hidden throughout the levels. The players can earn rewards after completing the multiplayer mode levels. 


In Sonic Colors players have to save the Wisps. The game features two new Wisps that are the Red Burst which allows the player to burst sonic and activate objects like the hot air balloon and Ferris wheel. It also features Violet Void which allows sonic to float and eat the objects that make him grow big. 

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Colour powers:

Sonic Colors introduced a new feature in the game that is the color powers. It is a way to avoid including more characters and also differ in the gameplay. The players can change the color of the main character sonic using this feature. 

How to download Sonic colors on your PC:

Sonic Colors, the video game is directly available at retail stores but you can even download the game directly to your systems using the Nintendo emulators. 

  1. You need to have Nintendo emulators installed on your pc to play this game.
  2. Install the emulator using the link on Google. 
  3. After installing the emulators, go to the official Nintendo site and search for the link to download the game. First, click onto the file and then download it to your computer.
  4. The next step for you to do is to confirm the installation. Before you can start the installation of your system, you need to ensure the installation process. Click on the yes button.
  5. The last step you need to do is to check out for the installer and follow the setup options. 
  6. After you are done with the setup, the game will start installing on your pc.

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