Ever since the success of Mario, multiple iterations of games created by different developers have been released. However, some might have gained traction, another no so much. But then few titles have the essence of Mario but then no so like it. Check it out. 

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What is Snow Bros?

 Snow Bros is a multiplayer or a single-player game that allows players to fight off demons or villains through snowballs. Your character has to cross several levels to face the boss finally. The power of your character is using snowballs and using the same to fend off enemies. 

Moreover, the game is quite vibrant and brings out a variety of immersive graphical interface for users to enjoy and cherish. The controls are relatively easy, and if you feel like playing the game on a computer, then an emulator would be required. 

Which emulator has to be used to play the game?

The game traditionally was built on the NES platform to ensure that players got complete control over their gaming expedition. But suppose you are looking for a comprehensive take on emulating the game onto your computer. In that case, we have the best emulators for each type of operating software for your computer system. All of which are provided below:

  • Windows – Jnes. 
  • macOS – Nestopia. 
  • Linux – Mednafen. 

Games similar to Snow Bros

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Icy Tower. 

If you have ever played doodle jump on your phones, then this game will remind you a lot about it. The game is about your playable character, who is a show-off and wants to show his jumping skills. You have to jump from one platform to another and each the top of the tower. There are various levels that you will have to cross. 

Lode runner. 

The game is all about retrieving the gold stolen from the surface. But then you just don’t have to dig deep and get it. But it’s about getting the gold by overcoming various obstacles and various other things to get all the gold and return to the surface. There are plenty of levels that players can enjoy. 

Super bomber man 2. 

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Who knew that placing bombs here and there In a game could lead to something fruitful? Well if you have three friends, lots of levels to complete and love massive explosions? Then this game is for you. Players have to place bombs strategically to destroy enemies and progress to the next level with the inclusion of high-level graphics and details.  

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