Developer Martin Roesch came up with the software called Snort in 1998. Fast forward eleven years later and Snort was hailed as one of the ‘greatest open software ever made’. It entered into InfoWorld’s open-source Hall Of Fame. This accomplishment itself speaks volumes of Snort’s efficient functionality. It is the most widely used amalgamation of an intrusion detection system and an intrusion prevention system.


In simple words, it supervises the flow of incoming packets from different networks. If it detects malicious packets trying to sneak into the system, it promptly “snorts” it out. Your system, therefore, remains protected at all times. One of the primary reasons for Snort’s phenomenal success is that it is completely free to use. Its source code (or “oink code” as sniffers call it) is open to manipulation to enforce expandability. Additionally, it performs network traffic analysis and logs packets in IP networks.

Key Features Of Snort

Different Modes

Snort works in three main modes. The first one is called Sniffer. In this mode, information about network packets that are read is displayed on the console. In the second mode i.e. the packet logger mode, all network packets’ details are logged safely into the hard disk. This is an insight into how Snort goes about accumulating data. The third and final mode is the intrusion detection mode. This where Snort heavily monitors the flow of incoming packets. 

Prevent System Hacks

Snort puts your system in an indestructible shield. It is able to detect all kinds of suspicious activities including false fingerprinting, URL attacks and port scans. The moment it gets inked by a hacker at work, it completely blocks that server and secures the system from further hacking attempts. This is done in such lightning speed that you won’t even realise your system was in jeopardy.


Snort | Brands SN - SZ

Snort can run on all kinds of operating systems, be it Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac.

How To Download On System

Download on PC

  1. Go to the link Here, you will find all the details that entail Snort’s features as well as its secure installation on PC. Click the ‘Free Download’ button.
  2. Now you will find different versions of Snort based on the US and UK. Choose any version you like by clicking it.
  3. This downloads an exe file to your system. It will run automatically after download completes.
  4. Follow through the installation instructions.  On hitting the last ‘install now’ button, Snort downloads safely into your PC system.

Download on Mac

Before you download the software, install the Terminal app on your Mac. You will find it easily in the Mac store. Once you do, follow the given instructions:

  1. Go to You will find a download button when you scroll down the page. Click it.
  2. Click the download button guised as ‘External Mirror’. Once you do, Snort’s exe file downloads on the system.
  3. Run the file by following the setup instructions. The app finally installs on Mac. The first part of the process is over.
  4. Now open the Terminal App. Drag the Snort folder and place it on the Terminal Dock icon in the new Terminal Window.
  5. Run these commands in order: ‘./configure’ – ‘make’ – ‘sudo make install’ – ‘snort’. 
  6. Finally, Snort will be configured on your Mac OS.

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