The Elder Scrolls have it the ballpark with its title Skyrim that has taken the gaming world by storm. No doubt, it has bagged several awards and even many games of the year awards. Its unique open-world RPG styled gameplay has been appreciated by many making it quite the likable game ever to exist. 

The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, but then its more or less of an open-world RPG themed gameplay experience. The story starts with you being born as a dragon. You have the magical skills of casting spells and so on. Well, you have another exciting task of slaying a dragon. All things to the predictions made that it will be behind you and try to kill the world in the process. So you will have to train yourself and ensure that you are ready when the time comes. 

Well, it’s no cakewalk to kill the dragon. But then with surplus missions, tasks trained to provide you with the same, the game does become enjoyable. Furthermore, there are plenty of side quests which would undoubtedly give you the best experience in enjoying the game. 

Bethesda did well with this game as it was developed and published by them. They did such a good job with the game that it was released in 2011 and re-released in the coming years for the latest editions of gaming consoles. 

Unarmed Mod for Skyrim 

Unarmed Mod
Unarmed Mod

Mods are one way through which players and gamers can personalize their game. No doubt, the game is quite interesting from the start, but tweaking the overall graphics and things around that aspect does make sense in the long run. When you use a mod, the fundamental gameplay changes as it adds on newer elements in the game. 

But then with Skyrim, you are so used with sword fighting and things like that, that the mod in the discussion here lets you go all unarmed which helps in getting a different way of playing the game. Instead of using swords, you use your fists to punch your enemies fast that causes the grandmaster skill to increase dramatically. There is no need to equip any other weapon; your hands are more than sufficient. 

Moreover, the graphics are quite lucrative when you fistfight someone as there are fire and other wind and animations incorporated into the game, making it a wholesome fighting experience. 

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