Skyrim has undoubtedly made the open-world game much better, thanks to the gameplay and the storyline it has to offer. Even the game’s graphics department is no less but really encapsulates the mythical land of Skyrim and perfectly builds on the game step-by-step.

The game revolves around your character, who is destined to defeat the dragon destined to destroy your world. Even then, the game isn’t all about this, but then there are several side quests and other tasks that have to be completed on the go to ensure that you have the most satisfying gaming experience of the game.

The game was launched way back in 2011 and alter on different platforms. Bethesda
developed and published for several major gaming platforms that included console gaming and computer gaming as well.

Skyrim Slavery Mod
Skyrim Slavery Mod

Slavery Mod for Skyrim

Mods come in various formats that have different tasks at hand in rectifying things and
making it better. Some might be extravagant, while some might address specific bug issues and whatnot.

But looking over Skyrim’s slavery mod, then expect all the things that you would do to your slave if you ever had one. These are the medieval times where you get the freedom of doing whatsoever you please with the slave.

Though the slavery mod was abandoned for quite some time, it’s back now and offered a
wide range of updates that characters that can try with the slave; there are restraint and sex options as well enabled with the mod. The mod contains adult imagery along with BDSM images and much more. So if you can’t withstand all of this, then it’s not meant for you.

Things You Can Do with This mod

  1. Make slaves carry your clothes and other baggage while travelling.
  2. Enslave people.
  3. Train them harshly in being your slaves and treat your respectfully.
  4. Lash them.
  5. Use whips to teach them a lesson.

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