The overall game of Skyrim is quite in-depth and takes players on an expressive journey of character buildup. Though it might be quite the setup the game follows, it was just the formula that sparked millions across the globe to make it the best open-world role-playing game the world has ever seen. 

The story takes place in a mythical land where you are a dragon born and you a simple task at hand; defeat the dragon destined to destroy your world. Well with that out of the way, you have a lot of things to master and gain experience in. but all of this takes a whole lot of time, and the game is quite elaborative in the character development that makes it resounding for many games around the globe. 

The game was published and developed in 2011 by Bethesda. They undoubtedly did a magnificent job in making the game this appealing to audiences all around the globe. 

Skip Intro Mod for Skyrim 

Skip Intro Skyrim Mod
Skip Intro Skyrim Mod

Mods, in general, have been used for plenty of games from around the world. Throughout time, they have helped games reach their most loyal of potential. They make it quite exciting and elevate the overall gameplay experience of several games. But then not every mod is destined in promoting the gameplay experience, but few are destined to skip certain aspects of the game as well. 

For instance, the mod that we have talking over here helps in the skipping of the inro in the game. It allows players to skin the carriage ride and the first dungeon and much more. Thus, you land up directly in the new character page if you were starting a new game. Such mods do make a slight difference in speeding up the game an getting to the part where you need to be at the earliest within the game.  

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