The open-world RPG game has taken the adventure gaming genre by storm. People have been mad fanatics of the game ever since its launch back in 2011. No doubt, the game provides players with much more than just a concrete storyline; it’s the primary gameplay features that the game is more popular about. 

The story revolves around your primary playable character, who happens to have a massive task over his head. It’s to defeat the dragon that is destined to destroy your world and do it properly. You can either capture it or even ride it as well. Killing it would end the game for you, but then it’s the player’s decisions on hat seems to be the best. 

Besides the primary mission, you can explore plenty of side quests that have its way of telling players that the game is open world and you can try out all sorts of things which the many games would offer. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda back in 2011. But Since the demand and popularity that throughout the years, it has been relaunched again and again on multiple gaming platforms. 

Sex Mod in Skyrim 

Skyrim Sex Mod
Skyrim Sex Mod

Mods provide subtle changes or extreme levels of differences that do make the entire gameplay different and enjoyable. But if you are looking for some NSFW content in the game which addresses 18+ audience, then we have you covered. 

Sex mods in Skyrim are of the highest caliber. Though there isn’t just one sex mod, there are multiple mods that you could try out. 


The mod gives all the female characters in the game jiggly breasts and bouncy behinds. It does exactly what it says In the name of this mod. 


Curvy bodies for females. Like they are revamped through this mod, giving 4K textures and intense meshes for the characters as well.  The mod helps reshape NPCs and other characters to make more of a sex appeal in the game. It also helps in reshaping characters in the game extensively. 


Sexlab Light SE 0.1.1.

For the sex lab framework to be executed, it’s the bare minimum you will require to run it. 

Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE

Targeting all the males out there, it’s a “dick system.” Enough said. 

Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE Mod
Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE Mod

Spouses enhanced v1.7.3. 

The mod does what it tells. Enhances all the physical attributes of your spouses, forgetting that additional spark in your married life. 

Sexlab Enchantress

The mod helps you to charm your way into the pants of NPC’s in the game. But beware, there’s a skill check to determine whether you are worthy or not. It’s better to train yourself rather than embarrass yourself in front of everyone. 

Sexlab Enchantress Mod
Sexlab Enchantress Mod

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