Open world games are quite different than normal games. You have so much to explore and try out various things that would limit you in other games. There are plenty of side quests. And each of these side quests turns out to be greater than the primary quests. But then one game that took this ideology to the next level was the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. 

Skyrim happens to be the franchise’s fifth installment that did create a massive dent in the open-world gaming scenario. The story revolves around your main character, who has to save his world from the dragon destined to destroy your planet. 

Well, each mission gets you closer to the primary mission; the side quests are a thing of its own. There are so many to choose from and complete to earn attractive bonuses and rewards. But if you were to alter these, then few mods get the job done for you. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda back in 2011. The game was launched for the platforms of PC, Xbox 360, Xbox one, play station 3, play station four, and more. 

Romance Mod for Skyrim

Skyrim Romance Mod
Skyrim Romance Mod

In general, mods either alter few things in the game or make such a significant impact that it reshapes and redefines the game. But then there are a few mods that alter a part of the game that makes it quite exciting. 

Skyrim romance mod is one such mod that adds on an extensive array of things to the game. As the name suggests, the Skyrim romance mod elevates the romance that the game fails to deliver. Though there are beautiful sceneries and much more in the game, it does an average job of providing the desired love and affection between the characters and the NPC’s. 

Through this mod, players can have that fully-fledged romance experience with well over 100 new characters, unique attires, voiced fully, customer animations, and much more. There are more original characters as well that appear as NPC’s and elevate the romance between characters. 

But for this mod to run, you will need an extensive array of other mods to be running to make the full use of Skyrim’s romance mod. These might depend upon your requirements and what you are looking to bring out from the game’s romance department.  

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