Elder Scrolls are famous for the game they have to offer to the public. They have
undoubtedly created a dedicated fanbase because of the gameplay and other feature they
have to offer. The fifth iteration of the series, Skyrim, is one edition that brought the series under the limelight and created immense popularity.

The story revolves around your main character, whose sole purpose is to defeat the dragon destined to destroy your world. Though it might seem straightforward and redundant at first, it’s quite exhilarating and exciting, bundled with intense gameplay scenarios and much more.

The game was developed and released by Bethesda in 2011 for Xbox One, Xbox 360,
Microsoft Windows, play station 3 and play station 4. On almost all the platforms, the game was well received and offered players quite the experience in playing the game.

Skyrim Religious Mod
Skyrim Religious Mod

Religion Mod of Skyrim

Based on the mod’s name, the mod does the same, which is to add religion in the game.
With the mod’s help, players can indulge in religious activities and assume the characters and role of a Priest, demon worshipper, crusader, and much more. Based on what you do towards the gods, you either get punished, cursed, or even blessed.

The mod revolves around immersion and offering players to indulge in more side quests
than the primary target of the game. The mod also helps the primary character indulge in various religious practices. They also follow them throughout the game to improve their beliefs and other things about religion.

Players can also engage themselves in meditation, praying, and engage with a plethora of activities towards the specific religion in the game. Based on the type of god you worship, there are different boons and blessings given out. Don’t worry; there are curses given out as well.

If you wish to learn more, then there are so many places in the game where each temple or place of worship will help you out. Since, as to which god you should pray or follow for the required help in accomplishing any particular task.

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