The fifth iteration of the Elder Scrolls franchise is the one that created an impact on the gaming community. It created such a stance where other open-world games came nowhere close to Skyrim’s things. 

No doubt, the game had a reasonably decent gameplay initiative. Still, then the task of killing the world destruction dragon was complimented by the gameplay, story build-up, graphics, and much more. But making it, this emphatic was all thanks to how each segment was delivered to the players. 

The game was developed and published by Bethesda in 2011 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox one, play station 3, play station4, Xbox 360, and later on for the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Pregnancy Mod in Skyrim

Pregnancy Mod
Pregnancy Mod

Mods come bearing different changes and etiquettes in the gaming universe. They are developed and designed by fans making the overall gameplay better and different entirely. But then the mod that we have today adds on other things altogether to the game. 

Skyrim offers players the to start a family and even get married in the game. But there is no option to impregnate your wife, and its where this mod comes to picture. The mod helps get your wife pregnant and resolves the fertility cycle and gets things quite familiar as well. 

But for this mods to work, there are a series of mods that have to be added into the game. They are flower girls, dialogues, heath fire DLC, sex lab, heath fire multiple adoptions, SKSE, RS children overhaul, and Flower girls. 

Once you have all of the above-given mods installed, you can have the pregnancy mod installed that gives the most realistic pregnancy effect in the game, and even the delivery of the baby is all showcased. 

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