Skyrim is one of the few games out there that make a difference in how open-world adventure games are played. No doubt, it has its fair share of ups and downs, but it makes up for an emphatic storyline.

For those wondering why it has lived up to its hype? It’s all thanks to the things the game offers and the initial storyline. It’s to save the Skyrim universe for the destruction set up by a dragon. Though it might seem simple, it’s quite elaborative where you are in for the gameplay experience of a lifetime. 

The game was initially launched in 2011 by the folks at Bethesda and still lives up to be a popular open-world adventure game. The game was launched on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox one, play station 3, play station four, and more. 

Marriage Mod of Skyrim

Marriage Mod
Marriage Mod

Skyrim gets as realistic as possible, all thanks to its open-world graphics physics and much more. The current marriage scenario in the game might feel redundant, but then this mod helps fix this to an extreme extent. There are various bugs in the wedding scenario of the game; this mod addresses all of them. 

The mod aims to bring an interactive aim of making the whole process quite immersive and extensive. Though the mod brings a rapidly different overhaul to the marriage scene in the game, any mods used in the game for the marriage aspect will contradict the mod’s functioning adequately. 

The mod brought out the following changes:

  • Fixes various bugs, glitches, and other errors concerning the marriage scenario. 
  • Inclusion of three subquests from the aspect of the marriage scenario. 
  • With the completion of different questlines, there are four fraction lines up for grabs. 
  • Fixing od glitches about the NPC’s at that very moment. 
  • Changing of outfits based on the marriage scenario. 
  • Dynamic improvement of the marriage scenario with the inclusion of various elements to make the setting more appealing for a marriage atmosphere. 

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