Skyrim has a vast world where players have the freedom to roam about almost everywhere. Though the game offers several side missions that target the similar ideology of wandering about the Skyrim universe effortlessly, the game does manage to bring out the best of what it has to offer one way or the other.

Though the story is all about your primary character to defeat the dragon destined to
destroy your world, it could appear to be a different take when you look at this from
another perspective. No doubt Bethesda did a great job in making the game, there are still few aspects of the game that need that subtle refinement to get the best out of the game.

Lighting mod for Skyrim
Lighting mod for Skyrim

Lighting Mod for Skyrim

Though the lighting Skyrim mod, players can incorporate several features into the game. These changes include realistic lighting with post-processing, lighting features, and changes in the environment, and much more. There are thousands of changes made by this mod from the lighting point of view.

There are several thousand bases covered when it comes to lighting and make it more
realistic and exciting simultaneously without the use of screen shaders or another post-
processing. Thus, any changes made by this mod is done by the games physics engine to
give the players quite the realistic experience.

The FPS remains intact, along with the overall gameplay that the game is widely known for. The mod isn’t directed towards making the game any different than it already is. It’s simple to add on subtle tweaks here and there to ensure that it feels more realistic and adheres to the location, weather, and timings at which a character is positioned in the game.

The various features that this mod brings about are given as follows.

  1. GPU friendly.
  2. Illuminated spells.
  3. Realistic eye adaptation.
  4. Adaptive interiors.
  5. Shadow striping fix.
  6. Unofficial lighting patch.
  7. Modulate installation.
  8. Fake interior fog removal.
  9. Lore friendly.

The above-given feature is just a few. But the entire experience would vary from one gaming console to another to make full use of what it has to offer.

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