One of the highest-rated open world role play games, Skyrim never fails to disappoint no matter how many times you seem to play the game. No doubt, not all the game aspect is top-notch, but the game does justice in offering a subtle touch of action complemented with a strong storyline to take the gameplay to a whole new level. 

The story revolves around your playable character, who has the task of saving his world from a dragon destined to destroy your world. It’s no easy task as you have to claw your way through to become stronger and have enough practice. You need experience to face the dragon to ensure that you have tamed it or killed it. 

Though the game is vast, the side quests are more interesting than the actual storyline itself. Bethesda developed and published the game back in 2011 with the gradual release over the years for newer gaming consoles. 

Hair Mod for Skyrim 

Hair Mod
Hair Mod

Changing subtle attributes of the characters in the game can be available through mods. Even drastic changes can be implemented extensively. But it all depends on the game and the game aspect that the mod is targeting. 

Hair mods in Skyrim come in various styles. Some mods add up to 900+ styling options for your hair, including the overall face structure as well. But then each of these mods is built towards one particular character or change the entire outlook of multiple characters simultaneously. 

It can be done extensively through character selection or altering through the game options. But then these hair mods are useful to give your character a different appeal in the game. And bundle them with the graphics mods to give it an extra boost. 

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