Few games are hyped way beyond imagination and then fail to deliver what they were intended to do. But then with others, they are silent killers that step up their offerings and make it the most feasible way of playing a game. They provide so much more than just the gameplay but an immersive story and so much more. 

The game that we are discussing here is none other than Skyrim. It sure is a blockbuster hit amongst the gaming community. No doubt there are several memes as well made from the game for good reasons. This game has won well over 200 game awards and is quite popular among the gamers. 

The game itself is an open adventure game that revolves around an RPG genre where fighting, battling and completing missions with dragons and other mythical creatures seems to be the core ideology. From the start to end, all the details, characters, and so much more are simply stunning and made with utmost dedication and expertise. 

Skyrim Gun Mod
Skyrim Gun Mod

The brainchild of Bethesda studios, it’s quite the compelling game that one should try out.  The game was released on almost all mainstream gaming platforms which did help in the creation of global dominance in the gaming sector. 

What is Skyrim Mod?

Mods, in general, helps in getting the best of the game by either tweaking the game or adding other factors into the game to enhance the overall gameplay features entirely. But within the reference to the title, there is one particular mod that we are going to discuss here today. 

As the name suggests, the mod is all about adding automatic guns in the game, cause why not? It quite a simple mod that adds on a great deed of guns that elevates the overall gameplay features. This mod also ensures that players get different gaming experience. 

Players can expect different guns instead of traditional weapons such as AR-15, AK-47, dual revolvers, rocket launchers, and whatnot. There is quite an extensive list of firearms that can be added with this mod. This will undoubtedly help in your hunting quests and killing quests as well. 

Guns in Skyrim
Guns in Skyrim

The mod is quite lucrative as it helps in getting the best of the killing experience. Simply point and shoot and take your enemy down in the most fashionable way possible. Though it might be most superficial, it wouldn’t be applicable in all the missions but in a Few where things are specified. 

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