Open world RPG games often comprise of many things clubbed into one and offer gamers the wholesome experience of exploring newer places. But when you look at Skyrim, then you realize that it’s one of the best open-world RPG games made.

The game revolves around your playable character who also happens to be a dragon born who can wield spells. But then your world is in jeopardy, all thanks to the dragon that wants to destroy your world and you have to stop to it. Well, it’s not like you have to kill it directly. But you will have to go through many stages of learning and re-learning things, gaining experience, and much more before you face off the dragon. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Bethesda has a done an excellent job in the publishing part and even its in development. No doubt, there are certain elements here and there that they might have missed, it’s safe to say that it can be fixed all thanks to the invention of mods. 

Gore Mod for Skyrim 

Gore Mod
Gore Mod

Mods, in particular, is the extra juice a game requires to be called as complete. It’s that edge in making things that are already goo, turn out to be better. They help in altering and changing so many things in the game that it becomes your very own game.  With the availability of surplus mods to tweak various aspects of Skyrim, players have the utmost freedom of trying out many things with the game and enhancing their overall experience with the game. 

The gore mod for Skyrim isn’t your average gameplay tweaking mod, but it’s all related towards bloodshed, violence, intense killing sessions, spreading intestines, brains here and there and much more. Decimate your enemies, eviscerate them and kill them in the most unimaginable way possible. 

To sum it up in short, the mod helps in enhancing the overall killing experience for players to have that true Hollywood style killing where blood splatter here and there. The mod doesn’t modify anything but then adds on all of the above-given things and improves the visual impact of the killing experience of the game. It’s a sad day for NPC’s as you can try it out on them until you find enemies and kill them the same way. 

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