Following the various releases of The Elder Scrolls series of games, Skyrim happens to be
one of the most reluctant titles that have made a different fanbase of its own. No doubt, the game has excelled in many different regimes. But then it did one thing well, and that was the overall gameplay feature provided.

Skyrim revolves around your main playable character that was a Dragonborn and is destined to defeat a mystical dragon set to destroy the world you live in. well, you just don’t go and kill it immediately; you will have to forgo an intensive training session and elevate your skills and experience in killing the dragon.

Along with this, there are several side missions that you have to endure and ensure that you do them right to boost your attributes. The more significant, the better.

The game was developed and published by Bethesda studios back in 2011. Since its launch, almost all the latest gaming consoles and platforms have received the game making it one of the highest-selling gaming titles of all time.

First-person mod for Skyrim
First-person mod for Skyrim

First-Person Mod for Skyrim

Mods have a broad impact on the way players can play their games. No doubt, each mod
has its way of expressing what changes are to a game, but then many of them deal with the aesthetical side of things to change things here and there.

But today, we have an exciting mod for you, which would transform the way you play the
game. It’s the first person mod that helps players take the gaming experience one step
further. It’s all by seeing what the player sees right from his eyes. Thus, all of the fighting
sequences and other movements are depicted directly on the screen for the character’s

To toggle this in the game, players can use hotkey and function keys to amp the switching in and out of the first-person view seamlessly.

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