Programmers study for years before they can create a single application. Coding is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it from scratch and not blatantly copying off the internet. But nowadays, numerous softwares have come up that allow users with zero coding knowledge to create their applications. Sketchware is one such example. Featuring a user-friendly interface, Sketchware enables its users to build applications in mere minutes. You can create these applications from the comfort of your smartphones. Sketchware has been used to create many applications on the Play Store. Apps like Exo-Light, Ad Injector, Go Spinner, Oak Island Mystery have all been created using Sketchware. Isn’t that cool? You too can start working on your app so you can publish it on Play Store for the entire world to see.

FULL NAME:Sketchware
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Key Features Of Sketchware

Drag And Drop Editor
The way Sketchware works is just like the lego blocks children play with. You have to drag and drop containers onto your screen to build the layout of your app. The entire IDE(Integrated Development Environment) works on visual drag and drop. If you are fond of jigsaw puzzles, then you will be fond of Sketchware too. It is all about fitting pieces into the right places.

Learn Block Programming
It doesn’t matter if you have no prior knowledge about building apps. Sketchware will guide your finger through the clicks and taps that are required to build your first app. It relies heavily on block language that transforms text-based coding into the visual building blocks. It provides you with documentations of the procedure so you can become an expert in block programming within no time.

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Easily Run Apps
The projects you create are fully compatible with a software known as Android Studio. This in turn works on both PC and Android devices. After you are done with the visualisation of your app, you can run it on your devices by simply double clicking it. Get rid of the glitches in the app and work on improvements if required.

How To Download It On PC

Sketchware runs in its native Android environment, which means it will be slightly tricky to procure it in Windows environment. Any decent programmer will tell you a bigger screen helps improve visualisation of an app. When you are building an app, you need a clear picture. Else you end up spending more time than required struggling to create a pleasant looking app on the tiny screen of your phone. We don’t encourage using Sketchware on phones and so we have come up with a way to help you use it on your computer. By using a device called android emulator, we will run this app on our system.

Download for Windows
  1. The emulator we will be using here is called NoxPlayer. Download it from its official site i.e.
  2. Nox will configure automatically after download completes. Go to the Play Store pre-installed in it and sign into your Google account.
  3. Now search for your app in the bar in the top right corner. From the search results, click the right one so download initiates.
  4. Finally, Sketchware gets installed on your system and you can use it through NoxPlayer. Happy app building!

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