Several open-world fictional titles provide the best in simulation and other parameters to a game that male the overall game quite an enjoyable experience. But then 7day to die tops that list by offering something unique.

The storyline revolves around your character whose sole purpose is to survive the zombie apocalypse sort of world, which is the aftermath of the third world war, which has tormented the world entirely.

The game was developed and published by The Fun Pimps back in 2013, with other gaming platforms getting the game in 2014 and 2016. The platforms that received the game were Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Linux, macOS X, play station 4.

10 Best Mods for Seven Days to Die

Mods are quite interesting if you are looking to make the overall gameplay quite exciting
and unique at the same time. For mods, they can either bring about smaller changes or
revamp the entire attribute of the game by touching upon various parts of the game.
But then seven days to die does have some exciting mods that you should try out. All of
which are given as follows.

War of walkers

The mod is quite fun with new additions, new loot, more unique possibilities, and so
much more.


Making the game as realistic as possible is the point of the game. Thus, through this
mod, you get the best of realism by actually getting the characters’ starvation point
to a realistic effect.

True survival

The mod provides several professions in the game that makes it accurate to life sort
of experience.

Undead legacy

If you are a big fan of Fallout? Then this mod is for you. You get much more loot
options and collectibles as well—almost 770+ loot items up for grabs.

Raven Hearst

In simple terms, this mod makes the entire game quite challenging and makes it
challenging as well. Thus, if you are a veteran in the game and are looking for a
challenge? Then go for this.

Val mod overhaul

For the players that are looking for a different gameplay experience, then this mod is
for you. You get whole new gameplay with other weapons and storyline and much
more. Something you must try out.

10 Best seven days to die mods
Seven Days to Die Mod

Darkness falls

The mod increases the respawn nature of zombies in the night time. It’s something
that you should try out if you are looking to have an intense battle with zombies at


If you are looking for something more challenging, then this mod is for you. It gives
you a challenging edge in the game to elevate the game’s difficulty levels if you are
finding the game easy.


This mod helps in specialize in one particular area of the character rather than
focusing on various aspects. Such that you can do good in one area rather than going
all out in all the attributes.


As the name suggests, it gives the game a medieval sort of attribute. You get all the
bits and pieces of the medieval stage including dragons and dungeons, and much

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