Sega CD is released as the Mega-CD in most of the regions. It is a CD ROM accessory that was designed and produced by Sega for the Mega Drive. It is the fourth generation of video game consoles. Sega CD helps to play the CD-based games and adds a hardware functionality like the central processing unit (CPU) and other graphic enhancements like sprite scaling and rotation. The Sega CD was mostly useful for its greater storage that even stores the games ten times larger than the games stored in other CD technology. This helps to even store the full-motion video (FMV) games like the Night Trap game. 


The Sega company of Japan decided to partner with JVC to design the Sega CD until the project was complete. The company refused the collaboration with Sega of America that made America assemble the parts from the “dummy” units to obtain a working prototype cd. The dummy cd was checked many times and licensed by the third-party developers. The Sega CD became very well known for different games like the Sonic CD and the Lunar: Eternal Blue and almost 2 million of the Sega CD units were sold by 1996. 

The Sega CD can be used only when it is in conjunction with a Genesis system. The genesis system is attached with an expansion slot that is on the side of the main console and it also requires its power supply.Sega CD can play its library of games in CD-ROM format and also play the compact discs and karaoke CD+G discs. Sega CD can be in conjunction with the 32X to play 32-bit games. 

Sega CD technical specifications:


The Central processing unit of the Sega cd is 12.5 MHz with a 16-bit Motorola processor that runs faster than the generics processor. 


Sega CD has a random access memory (RAM) of 6 Mbit with an internal Backup Ram of 64 kbit. 


The Sega CD has a custom ASIC graphics processor with 64 out of 512 simultaneous colors on screen. 


Sega CD consists of 500 MB read-only memory (ROM) discs that are equivalent to 1 hour of data. Sega CD Model 2 - Video Game Console: Video Games

External memory card:

The Sega CD has an external memory card that is in the form of a Genesis cartridge where the games could either be saved directly into the titles that supported it or used to copy and transfer the game from the Sega CD’s internal RAM. 


The Sega cd has an extra sound channel to the Genesis system that uses a Sound format of Stereo PCM along with the frequency of source that is up to 12 MHz.

How to download the Sega CD ROMs games for free on your PC:

You can download and install Sega cd ROMS games directly by downloading the link from the website. You have to follow these steps to download it for free.

  1. First, you have to search for the link to download the ROMS. 
  2. Download the link by clicking on it or clicking on the download button. 
  3. Ensure that the site is safe and virus free and does not harm your pc. 
  4. A notification will pop up asking you to enable the unknown source installation. 
  5. Go to settings and privacy and tick the box of “Unknown source installations”.
  6. It starts to download and to install it find it in the folder
  7. Click on the install to start installing the same

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