So as for the software to work, you’ll need a Samsung smartphone, and an ativ-enabled laptop – that’s it. We understand where Samsung is coming from with this era, particularly if you are one of those busy individuals who discover it as a drag swapping out between devices. How does it work in realistic phrases?

FULL NAME:Samsung SideSync

Nicely in case, your Samsung smartphone has the android jelly bean operating system you may connect both gadgets wirelessly, but if the gadget is older then you will do so through a USB cable connection. As you would anticipate the synchronisation is quite brief. A virtual version of your cellphone will seem on the laptop and for all intents and purposes, it is able to be used like your smartphone beside you can tap on the keyboard of the computer to use it.

And yes, this indicates you could solve your emails, SMS’s and additionally drag and drop files from the laptop onto the virtual smartphone. It all regarded a piece bizarre to us at the start, however, once we got used to it, you realised how much time this can keep.

Features of the software”

  1. Files transfer: there is not too much software that can help you to transfer the files from your system to your phone. This amazing software makes the process easier for you and completely compatible. 
  2. Auto restore: It helps you to restore the files and manages your file completely in your system. It is your basic Android restoration device which helps you to check through and completely solves all your issues related to your phone. 
  3. Proper sync: not a lot of software out there can help you to sync all your files. This is one such software that helps you to properly sync your PC and your phone and helps you to have a proper understanding of what needs to be done. 
SideSync - Connect Mobile Device to PC | Samsung Support LEVANT

4. Connectivity: Sidesync is one such application which helps you to connect properly and solves all your connectivity issues as well. If you face any connectivity issues then you can always use the restore function of this app. It helps you to check through the network connections if you face any impending issues. 

5. Extremely useful app: This amazing app is good enough for you and helps you to manage all your settings on your phone. It helps you to keep a proper track accordingly. 

How to download it on your PC?

  1. Open the official site of SideSync and right from there, you can choose the download link. 
  2. The installation process will be saved into your computer. Click on the installation file, and an option will prompt you. Choose yes from that option. 
  3. Once you choose yes, the file will start being downloaded to your system. Right from there, you can choose to scan it before you open the software in your computer and then start using it. 
  4. Open the software and then start using it accordingly. 
  5. You need to have a compatible source for the download. If you have a latest Samsung smartphone then it will help you to manage the basics. 

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