There used to be a lack of good IDE software for running Python codes based solely on data science content. The ones that existed in the market had shortcomings that were hard to overlook. Triggered by the shortcomings of such software, the developmental team of Yhat came up with Rodeo; an exclusive Python IDE that dealt with data science, machine learning and AI-based coding. It quickly became a favourite in the community of budding and professional data scientists.

Download for Windows

There are a lot of factors that account for its instant success; the most important of them being that it is open-source software. Everyone has free access to it. It also doesn’t weigh down on CPU resources and is very customisable. With its simple interface and highly useful commands, users can create data prototypes in a jiffy. It is safe to say that Rodeo has replaced RStudio as the most useful Python IDE ever created.

Key Features Of Rodeo

Impressive Text Editor
Rodeo’s inbuilt editor encourages users to write codes at an efficient speed. It comes with features like auto-completing the code and highlighting the syntax. An especially fast coder is prone to making mistakes here and there. Rodeo highlights them there and then. Sometimes, it even corrects the user’s errors. 

Build Your Code
Use Rodeo’s intuitive analytical tools to improve upon aspects of your code. Perform data frame as well as plot comparisons. A window adjacent to the code section gives users an unfiltered view of what they are building. This visual aspect proves to be of great help in bettering the coder’s vision.

Inbuilt Tutorials
If you are just getting started with Python, you can learn the ropes through Rodeo’s integrated Python tutorials. This way, you can apply your knowledge in the IDE simultaneously. There is no better way of learning a language than to implement your coding skills as you gain them. If you find yourself stumbling while creating projects, Rodeo keeps Python handy cheat sheets just for the occasion. So don’t feel guilty for referencing them every now and then.

RODEO: A Data Science IDE For Python
Download for Windows

How To Download On System

Before you proceed with downloading the software, you need to make sure you have an Anaconda package installed on your system. Anaconda entails all Python components into one utility package. If you don’t have it installed, you can go to and get it installed from there.

Download on PC

  1. To download on Windows, go to Scroll all the way down and you will find a button that says ‘Free Download’. Click it.
  2. Rodeo’s exe file gets downloaded. After it is successfully downloaded, run the file.
  3. In the setup window, follow all the installation instructions. Once you are done with them, Rodeo IDE will finally get installed on your system.

Download on Mac

Download for Windows
  1. Go to Scroll all the way down and you will find a list of download links. Click the link that says ‘’.
  2. The zip file gets downloaded on the system. Extract its content to your desktop.
  3. Run the exe file that you find in those contents. Skim through the installation instructions until the end.
  4. Great! Rodeo IDE is now accessible on your Mac OS.

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