Antivirus software is quite robust and powerful in eliminating the necessary threat and malware programs in the computer system. Though malware is of various kinds, it’s evident that the right antivirus system can help eliminate the infection at the earliest. Though it might seem to be a better affair to get an antivirus, most of them are paid and get expensive. For a free alternative, we have one application that will do the trick.  


What is RKill?

Rkill is an antivirus program that helps in protecting your computer system from viruses and malware programs. It does its function by eliminating the malware programs that are currently running your computer and allowing the standard in-built security programs to take over to protect the computer. Though the software is an antivirus solution, there are other capable options out there. The program is available for Microsoft Windows. 

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Key features of the software.  

Ease of use. 

The program can be used by merely opening it up from the desktop. It works through a command file, making it relatively easy to use. 

Lightweight software. 

The software performs on almost any computer system with the lowest hardware configuration making it a versatile tool. 

Log File creation. 

Every scan that is carried out on a computer is logged into a text file. 

Quick scanning. 

The scan takes no less than a minute to scan the entire computer based on the computer’s content. 

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download rkill. 

rkill is available on multiple third party sites. Download the latest version. 

  • Enjoy. 

Once downloaded the double click on the file and used it. It’s that simple and easy. 

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