The creation of websites is never an easy task. Though it might seem simple enough, there are an array of things that have to be carried out in the right manner.

Along with this, web development applications have to be robust and offer various features to assist in the development phase.

FULL NAME:RJ TextED for Windows
Download for Windows

While the paid ones are experience and the free options aren’t a great choice, there is an intermediate option that provides the best of both worlds. 

What is RJ TextED?

A fully-fledged web development tool sums up RJ TextED. It’s a text and source editor that supports all languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, integrated CSS/HT auto-completion, spell checking, HTML validation, etc. 

The user interface is unique which comprise of a dual-panels. It helps in effective searching and quick upload of files and testing. The codes that the program supports as CSS, ASP, C/C++, Jscript, JSP, PHP, HTML and more. 

Furthermore, the creation of text clips is feasible. One can seamlessly access them in the newer categories where these clips are storied. Moving ahead, the other features include SFTP, FTP client synchronization, text clips, in-built file explorer, project manager, Unicode, HTML validation, syntax editor, and others.

Download for Windows

This application is a dream software for all web developers and available on the Windows platform. Unfortunately, there is no support for macOS. 

Key Features of RJ TextED

Easy to Use 

The software is simple and straightforward. From its innovative dual-panel interface to its tools that make web development a simple task, the software plays an integral role to make life on a user comfortable.  

Large Number of features

The software is packed with features such as code folding, auto-completion, multi-edit/selection, CSS/HTML wizards and preview, file explorer, text clips, code explorer, project manager, Unicode and ANSI code page detection, code folding, HTML validation, Unicode file paths and more. 

How to Download and Install RJ TextED on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Application

The official site hosts the application. There are various versions of it. So, choose the one necessary and download it. 

  • Install the Software

After the downloading process is over, run it. Some instructions have to be followed. So, do as directed. 

  • Run it

Once the installation is over, open it through the desktop shortcut and enjoy effortless coding through the software. 

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