Applications help electronic devices in offering features to boost the overall experience of the user. But once you have had enough of the application, uninstalling it seems to be the better option.

However, a few times, when you try to uninstall them from your computer system, you hit a snag where these apps don’t get deleted at all. Even after trying everything, these nifty applications are still dormant on your computer.

FULL NAME:Revo Uninstaller for Windows
Download for Windows

What do you do? Well, the simplest of answers would be to download Revo Uninstaller. 

What is Revo Uninstaller?

A nifty little application, Revo Uninstaller’s sole purpose is to delete apps that are stubborn enough not to get removed by the OS’s integrated application uninstaller. The bi-product of VS Revo Group, this uninstaller is highly useful in erasing all evidence, files, and traces of a deleted app. 

While the app is free, most of the features are locked in the free version. With the free features, you get to know the power of the application, which is commendable and worth the $25-$35 that it charges for the portable version. There’s no surprise the full professional version is the king of uninstalling any application on a system whatsoever. 

If you are wondering whether the process of uninstalling applications through this tool is tricky? Then you are wrong. There are a set of instructions that you follow and choose the apps required for deletion and let the tool do all the work. It’s that simple!

Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller
Download for Windows

The overall user interface is designed in such a manner that anyone can navigate and decide which application needs to be uninstalled. But keep in mind, the core Windows operating system files cannot be uninstalled. But other applications by Windows such as the in-built calculator can be deleted through software. 

The application is available only on the Windows Operating system platform. For macOS, there are other alternatives that you can consider. 

Key Features of Revo Uninstaller

Multiple Uninstaller Features 

With Revo uninstaller, there are surplus features that one can enjoy. There are different uninstallation modes such as forced uninstall, multiple uninstall, real-time installation monitor, uninstall browser extensions, a database of logs, backup systems, and more.

One can expect the full benefit of having a secure deleting process. Simply select the applications that are to be removed and let the software do all the work. 

Hunter Mode 

An innovative feature that enables the user to determine the effectiveness of the application on the computer system is the Hunter mode. In this mode, the tool becomes transparent, and any application shortcut placed on it will allow the user to have multiple options based on the application.

You can uninstall the application or stop it from starting while the system boots, the choice is all yours. 

Additional Features

With Revo Uninstaller, you get plenty of features such as autorun manager, uncoverable delete, junk files cleaner, evidence remover, windows tools, history cleaner, and more. These features are handy and make the uninstaller quite different from the competitor applications in the market. 

How to Download and Install Revo Uninstaller on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Application

This application is available for free on the official website. One can download either the portable version or the professional version for a small fee. 

  • Install the Application

After the application download is complete, open the installation file, and start installing it. There are several privacy options available so, choose accordingly and let the software finish installing. 

  • Start Uninstalling at Ease 

Once the uninstaller finishes to install, open the application, and let the software do its work by allowing you to uninstall the niftiest of software entirely. 

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