Resident evil has undoubtedly been a spine-tingling movie where there are zombies let
loose in Racoon city, and the primary character’s had to escape the city. Well, transferring the same ideology into the game gives you Resident Evil 2 remake.

The game is all about survival bundled with strategies in winning and puzzle-solving criteria to defeat zombies with many actions and fight scenes. No doubt, the fair share of scares and thrills are intact within the game. But it does a fine job of delivering what the game is all about.

Your characters, along with another person, are trapped in the city zombie infected city, and escaping is the only option. Through this gameplay, players enjoy a wide array of horror and subtle scares scattered throughout the game. The game was released on almost all leading gaming platforms in 2019.

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2

Remake Mods for Resident Evil 2

Mods make the entire gameplay quite different and exciting at the same time. But for those looking to have a dive into the remake mods, there is plenty they can choose from. The sole purpose is to remake the characters or other NPC’s in the game to anything you wish to have.

First-person mode
For those into POV, then this mod is for you. All it does is switch the camera to the
the first person that makes things interesting indeed.

Claire sheriff mod
Sexy sheriff costume is what this mod is all about. Witness Claire wears a toned-
down skin-tight sheriff dress with a cap and gun as well.

Princess gothic mod
If you are into gothic stuff and want to see, your primary characters wear similar
clothes? Then this mod is for you guys. There are up to four different options to
choose from, which can help get the best of the characters packed with dynamic
features and elevate the overall gameplay experience.

Ada school girl mod
For this outfit, Claire happens to be wearing an Ada Wong school girl outfit that
does make things sexy and attractive at the same time.

Bikini mod
As the name suggests, it provides the primary character Claire to change her outfit
to a bikini and nothing else. It’s a bright red colour and does spice things up a bit in
the game.

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