By reading the name, you must be aware of the movie where there is a virus or some infection spread through raccoon city, which has turned them into flesh-eating monsters. The hero’s in the film have to escape the city without getting infected. 

A similar story unfolds in the game as well, where your character has to break through the city and escape from the tormenting side of flesh-eating zombies. Though you meet other characters on the way, the physics, gameplay, and graphics make it quite compelling and attractive to play the game. 

The game was developed and published by Capcom in 2019. It was available for the platforms of Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and play station 4. To make the game a bit more appealing, then try out mods for the game. 

Nude Mod for Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Nude Mod
Resident Evil 2 Nude Mod

Mods, in general, have the role of altering bits and pieces here and there. Things can get heated when you add on more mods to get the best of gameplay features. But for incorporating that NSFW content into the game, there are nude mods that players can add to the game. 

Nude mods in Resident Evil 2 remake makes the characters naked. Like there weren’t enough flesh-eating monsters in the game that the characters had to get completely nude. The male characters in the game get just an undie to cover their private parts and nothing else. All the masculinity is exposed, and the entire game runs on the same format. 

As for our female protagonist, she is completely naked with all the animations, graphical outlay, and physics of running, walking, and more. Not only this but then the developers have done a great job in making the overall experience relatively smooth. There aren’t any disruptions in the character’s movement here and there. 

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