If there was one game that needed a considerable remake, then it was indeed resident evil 2. The game comprised of such a Strong storyline when it was released in the late ’90s. For those wondering what the story is, then it’s about your character and another college student planning their escape from racoon city after a zombie outbreak occurs. 

It’s quite the thriller and brings about strong analogies of the scare sequence to the game. The game was developed and published by Capcom. The platforms which supported the game are Microsoft windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game was re-released with better graphics gameplay and a better storyline back in 2019. 

What are Mods?

Mods are additional pieces of patches that help in elevating the gaming experience of a particular title. It helps in adding different things to games that may sound like cheating but give you an advantage in playing the game. Also, there are hilarious mods and other conventional mods that take the experience of playing any respective game one step further. 

List of Mods for Resident Evil 2 

X Gon Gives it to You

If you read the name of the mod, then you know that this has to do something with DMX’s song. Hence, if you are too afraid to face Mr X, then the song starts playing giving you a hint that he’s here and the mod also turns the footsteps of Mr X into quacky sounds to brighten up the experience a bit. Or remove his clothes as well for a comedy tinch in the game. 

Remove Mr X

For those that have played this game, they know how big of a challenge and annoying Mr. X can get. The mod is to remove Mr. X entirely and remove the hassle of facing him ever again. The game does get more superficial, but the constant scare and spookiness remain. 

Remove Mr. X
Remove Mr. X

VHS Effect

As the name suggests, the mod helps in breaking down the overall gameplay into a VHS styled theme. It does make a huge difference in giving the game a rustic feel which might look like a tape that may be lost and found by the saviours and watching what had happened to the people of racoon city. 


Fixed Camera Angel Mod 

If you might have played the original resident evil two games, then you would have seen those fixed camera angles which give out that mysterious nature and does immersify the experience of the players deeply; The mod is for the same reason and for those seeking to have that nostalgia feeling back, then try this mod out as it will not disappoint. 

Fixed Camera Angle Mod
Fixed Camera Angle Mod

Vignette Removal 

If you are afraid of the dark and want more light into the game, then vignette can be removed through this mod. It brightens up the surroundings and ensure s that the dark hue is removed such that it becomes more transparent and legible as to what is happening around you. 

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