Watching something online always requires money and subscriptions if you wish to watch the latest things or live stream any event. But then the world of the internet has many alternative options where you can watch TV shows, anime series and other events for free through their dedicated apps. We have one exciting application here today. 


What is Repelis?

As weird as the name might sound, the function that it delivers is quite extraordinary. You get a lot of things through the application such as TV shows, movies and much more. The application is free of cost, and you can find all entertainment related shows and movies all under one roof. 

The application isn’t available on any store but has to be downloaded from external sites to enjoy the application. For computers, android emulators are required in running the application. 

Key features of the application

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  • Free. 

The application is free to use without the need for any subscription of purchasing fee. Simple download, install and start watching. 

  • Plenty of content. 

There are thousands of shows that users can watch. Catch all the latest shows and movies as per your preference. 

  • Immersive user interface. 

The user interface is relatively straightforward without any discrepancies. You get a clean interface with all the options displayed right in front of you without the involvement of any complicated steps in using the application. 

How to download and install it on PC using Blue stacks?

  • Download the required emulator. 

Get the latest version of the emulator and install it. You can follow the on-screen set of instructions once the installer has opened up to set up the emulator accordingly. 

  • Install the application. 

Download the APK file of Repelis and copy-paste it to the emulator home screen. Install it from here. 

  • Enjoy. 

Enjoy using the application as per your preference. 

How to download and install it on PC using Nox?

  • Download the emulator and install it. 

Download Nox from any third-party sites that host the emulator. Install it once the files have been downloaded. 

  • Get the application. 

Copy-paste the downloaded APK file of Repelis to the emulator home screen. Install it from here. 

  • Have fun. 

Enjoy using it extensively. 

How to download and install it on macOS?

  • Get the DMG files for the emulator. (Blue stacks)

Download the emulator from its official website with additional files as per your preference. 

  • Install it. 

Once the files are downloaded, then install it following the given set of instructions. 

  • Get the game. 

Drag and drop the APK file of Repelis into the emulator home screen and install it here. 

  • Have fun. 

Access the app from the home screen of the emulator. 

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