Files are saved in various formats. The names are different, but the extensions remain the same depending upon the application. But using any type of suffixes, case changes, and more are often prohibited in saving of files.

But if you are someone that requires such additions in the naming of the file, then here is an application perfect for you. 

FULL NAME:ReNamer for Windows

What is ReNamer?

ReNamer is a powerful tool that offers all the renaming features where you can save files with different prefixes, case changes, suffixes, removal of contents of brackets, changing file extensions, and more. Though the application is free, there is a paid version that comprises support for pascal script rules and regular expressions. It helps the users in pre-defining the naming of the file in their manner. 

The software lets users take renaming actions against multiple renaming actions by applying then a logical sequence. Furthermore, you can save, manage, and load it from the app. Configuring any rule is now possible through renamer. The program supports replace, insert, delete, rearrange, pascal script, randomize, add regular expressions and more. 

ReNamer comes with different options such as importing presets, export file paths to CSV file fix conflicting new names, validation of new titles, changing of behavior with the addition of file to the app, etc. Other than this, you can also use it to rename folders, Unicode capable, support for a variety of metatags such as SHA1, CRC32, ID3v1, OLE, and more. 

Download for Windows

There is a free and paid version of the software. The paid version starts at $19 and goes up to $375. Almost all versions of the Windows operating system right from XP to 10 are supported. 

Key features of ReNamer

  • Helpful Startup Guide

Renamer comes with a guide that helps in understanding the various aspects of the software. The guide also elaborates on the features and tools that the software offers. 

  • Simple User Interface

With a clean and crisp user interface, things get comfortable when you are using the application. There are no complicated steps, but with a click of a button, execute various changes on the go. 

  • Preview Feature 

The software supports preview as well where users can learn how to use the program. 

  • Powerful Batch Convertor 

Batches can be converted by choosing a plethora of files and have them converted based on their preference. 

How to Download and Install ReNamer on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the software

The software is hosted by the programs official site. Download the version compatible with your operating system. 

  • Install it

Upon downloading, run the installer. Follow the instructions to successfully install the program. 

Once there is a desktop shortcut created, open it and start renaming files seamlessly. 

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