Everyone has at least that one picture or video from childhood; they wish to keep fresh and grand. But unfortunately, those photos may have blurred or got damaged due to the passing time. Remini: Photo Enhancer comes to the aid at these times. 

FULL NAME:Azure Lane

Remini: Photo Enhancer is an Android application that can enhance pictures and videos into a beautiful and stunning view or video. It employs the state-of-art artificial intelligence generative technology to implement the professional image processing techniques such as image enhancing and restoration to ordinary people. It is truly a blessing for people who are missing their loved ones. They can restore the old photos of them into fresh and beautiful ones and cherish them.

Remini: Photo Enhancer is offered by Remini based in Beijing, China in 2019. It needs an Android operating system of 4.4 or above. It has got beyond 10 million installs on Google Play Store within this one year. The app is free to download but has elective in-app purchases worth $4.99 – $99.99 per item. This app has no precise age rating and can be used by everyone. It can also be shared with your family members. 

Features of Remini: Photo Enhancer

1.Enhancement with quality

Remini: Photo Enhancer can enhance the photos or videos with excellent quality. Your old pictures or videos which have initially been of low quality can be improved into high definition HD photos or videos. Your old photos taken with old cameras or mobile phones can get enhanced instantly to the ones taken by the current technology devices. The app can automatically fix the scratches and cracks happened on your old photos. You can turn your selfies into HD portrait pictures as well as your photos into artworks using paint effect. 

Imagine your old black and white photos getting life in colour. How incredible!

2.Removes blurriness

It is always a pain that, when we take photos it gets blurred many times. But we might like that picture the most in all other attributes. Again, Remini: Photo Enhancer can mend these blurred photos to clarity. It can turn the concept into a brilliant crystal clear vision.

3.Video Enhancement

Your old videos that got forgotten can be brought back alive with Remini: Photo Enhancer. It can adequately enhance old blurred videos and restore them—playback your videos with a clear visual and compatible with your current devices. 

Remini - Photo Enhancer - Apps on Google Play

4.AI image processing 

It affords Artificial intelligence related image processing functions for all these features.

5.User Interface.

The app user interface is attractive and straightforward. It can lead the user easily into its features.

How to install Remini: Photo Enhancer on PC?

To install Remini: Photo Enhancer on Windows or Mac, you need an Android emulator like BlueStacks App Player.

  • Go to the official website of the Android emulator you choose and install it.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in.
  • Search for Remini: Photo Enhancer and install.


Remini: Photo Enhancer is an admirable Android tool that can enhance your photos and videos and restore memories. Make your memories fresh and breathtaking with Remini: Photo Enhancer. 

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