RPG gacha games are the latest craze in the gaming verse. Players all over the world are caught in this heatwave, regardless of whether they like anime or not. There’s just something indescribably alluring about gacha games, especially if they belong to the adventure genre. This is why Raid Show: Legends rose to the top of gaming charts in no time. Not only is it a great Japanese game but it also brings a fresh perspective to a legendary genre. It is a visual spectacle to say the least, with its fantastical themes and gorgeous game designs. Despite the complex storyline, the player is not required to do much. The battles are not elaborate and most of the time, the player just moves around, taking in the awe-inspiring sights of Teleria, the world they need to save. For fantastical adventure lovers, Raid: Shadow Legends will be a real heavenly treat.

FULL NAME:Raid: Shadow Legends

Key Features Of Raid: Shadow Legends

Choose Your Mode
You don’t have to launch the campaign mode every day. Instead, you can opt for one-on-one duels in the PvP mode. Here, you will find players from across the world waiting to be challenged. Emerge out to the global battlefield and clash heads with the mightiest warriors that wander there.

Recruit Amazing Heroes
There are over sixteen clans that dwell in the world of Teleria. Every clan promises to deliver their chosen ones to the player. These are known as the heroes of the tribe. Altogether, there are over a hundred heroes you can recruit. Train them hard until you grow familiar with their skill set. Then accordingly, you can upgrade their sets of weapons.

I Actually Played Raid: Shadow Legends | by Jared McCarty | SUPERJUMP |  Medium

Make Crucial Strategies
You can’t just head into the battlefield without a game plan. You need to put careful thought in your motion of attack and have your heroes equipped with powerful skill sets so you can engage in combat without faltering in your moves.

How To Download It On PC

For a game with such deeply engaging visuals, the tiny window of your mobile screen will do no justice. It needs to be taken in all its grandeur on the bigger screen of your PC. And this is why; we are here to help you download this lovely game on your PC. The only prerequisites you need are android emulators. These emulators are responsible for running your mobile games in a computer environment. 

Download It Using Bluestacks

  1. One of the most popular android emulators can be downloaded from the site www.bluestacks.com.
  2. Wait a few minutes for it to download. It will launch by itself, you needn’t click it. On the Bluestacks’ home screen, you will find a play store. Open it.
  3. Search for the game as you would search for it on any mobile device. Tap on it for installation to begin on PC.
  4. After it finishes downloading, you can play the game on your PC screen.

Download It Using NoxPlayer

  1. Another emulator that we will be using is NoxPlayer. Download it from the site www.bignox.com. In addition, download the apk file of Raid: Shadow Legends on your PC.
  2. After it successfully installs, open Nox and finds the option of ‘Add apk’ on the bottom sidebar.
  3. Click on it to add your game’s apk file. 
  4. Your game will install on PC and you can finally play it.

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