Erotic games are unique in their perspective. Though the storyline might be a bit funny or doesn’t make sense, it does make up for its graphics and audio/visual qualities. But then few games in the market are entirely unheard of and require special attention for their BDSM portrayal of characters and its character development as well. Such is the game that we are going to discuss in the article below, which is the iteration of other classic titles in the erotic universe game. Take a look.

FULL NAME:Rack 2 for Windows

What is Rack 2? 

Rack 2 is the second version or the sequel to Rack, which offers more than just an erotic game. The game revolves around the player being a scientist. The only task that you have is to engage in various BDSM activities with others to collect data. The game offers an extensive array of customization to bring out that sex appeal within characters. 

The game revolves around profiting as much as possible from conducting sexual experiments for research purposes. Other than this, the game is good with its offerings in the department of graphics, gameplay, and the overall package it offers. Furthermore, customizing your characters needs to be plausible as there is a meter checking how well you are doing in engaging BDSM with subjects. 

Key Features of Rack 2

Overall Gameplay

The gameplay the game offers revolves in a 3D world where there are tools and other mediums to interact with subjects and engage in BDSM. Its sole purpose is to collect these specimens and gather them to create a chemical for your new technology. Don’t worry; there will be tools, toys, and machinery provided for engaging in different activities of sorts.

The research lab grows as you bring in more specimens and start your own blooming sex toy business and expansion in a pharmaceutical domain. Additional revenue is generated by clients seeking sexual pleasures. 

Customization Options

There are plenty of customization options that the users can try for themselves. Build your lively characters by customizing every aspect of them. One can customize the hair, nipple, breasts, clitoris, sexual preferences, sexual reactions, sex organs, and much more. There are well over 70 different body-to-body interactions of an erotic manner such as masturbation, grinding, lesbianism, oral sex, sex, spanking, and more. 

Rack 2
Rack 2

Constant Updates

The game continually receives newer updates and modifications to the overall gameplay and character. There are more unique features and other materials that are added to enhance the way it’s played. Thus, keep a lookout for the next big thing that might change your outlook towards the game entirely. 

Minimum System Requirements

Though the game is packed with an extensive array of features, the minimum system requirements are given as follows to run the game smoothly. 

  • Operating system – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. 
  • RAM – 2BG
  • Free space – 2GB or more. 
  • Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz. 
  • VRAM – 512 MB. 
  • Direct X – 9.0c
  • Sound card – Direct X compatible. 

How to Download and Install Rack 2 on PC

  • Download the game

The game can be downloaded from any third-party site hosting it. The game may/may not be in a ZIP file. But download it anyways. 

  • Install it

Once the installation package has been downloaded, open it/extract it and set up the installer. Follow the given set of on-screen instructions to install it properly. Choose the respective places where the game shall be installed and let it install. 

  • Launch the game

Upon successful installation, the user can either launch the game from the desktop shortcut or from the directory where the game is installed. 

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