Start your engines and gear up for this high stakes racing game called Racing Rivals. It takes racing to the next level with its insane challenges and equally insane rewards. Challenge mighty racers from around the world and stake your claim in the racing track. Emerge as the hotshot winner or lose crazy bucks to your opponents. The fast pace of the game will have you on the edge of your seat. Despite its mundane controls, Racing Rivals doesn’t fail to impress because it provides players with plenty of customisation and racing options. Other racing games can quickly become tiresome but not Racing Rivals. The regular updates and exciting rewards will keep you rushing towards the victory line every single day.

FULL NAME:Racing Rivals
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Key Features Of Racing Rivals

Start Your Car Collection
Accumulate the race money you win so you can purchase the hottest wheels from the market. Fill your garage with amazing cars until there is no space left. Spray them with distinctive colours and add a dash of your personality to each one through the customisation options. Remember to build your bank first. It can take several rigorous hours of racing to earn enough to purchase rare and expensive cars like the Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari

Wage Turf Wars
Gather your friends, assemble into one team and proceed to total domination on the race track. Blow your opponents off the course and build an impressive reputation for you and your team. Other teams will come to challenge you so keep your crew on the call. You never know when you will need to rush to the street and start your engines with a collective roar.

Race To The Top
The top of the leaderboard is where you need to be if you wish to retain your street creds. So keep racing and earning victories, keep upgrading the cars in your garages and assert your place on the top of the leaderboard. Some brash opponents will look to topple you over so make sure you don’t lose races with them. Tune in everyday to keep your driving skills rust free.

Racing Rivals - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

Playing car racing games in the window of your PC can give a whole new adrenaline rush. Especially if that game is Racing Rivals. You need to download it on your computer if you really want to have your mind blown. In the section below, we will cover the whole procedure of downloading the game on the system using handy apps that are known as android emulators.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. On the Bluestacks’ official site of, there is a direct download link for the emulator.
  2. After Bluestacks launches, you will see the Play Store on its home screen. Click it open and sign into your Google account to access the store features.
  3. Look up the app’s name. From the search results, click the right one to start downloading.
  4. You can now enjoy racing in the large window of your PC.

Download using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Firstly,download this emulator from It is the official site of the emulator.
  2. Now when Nox opens, you will find the Play Store on the home screen. Sign into your Google account to use the store’s features.
  3. Search for the app and tap the right one from the search results.
  4. Racing Rivals will download on your computer in just a few minutes.

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