QuickThoughts is all about sharing your views and getting paid for it. It seems too good to be true but it actually exists. In this app, your thoughts will pave the way to earning easy money. In the real world, sharing thoughts can lead to conflicts or lengthy discussions. But in QuickThoughts, you mutely share your views and you get handsome rewards. Additionally, you get gift vouchers from different brands that stand redeemable at all times. So you see, you get paid for sharing your views and as a result, you help local businesses grow. It is clearly a win-win situation. It is just unfortunate that such a great service is unavailable outside of the US. If it existed in India, we would have become millionaires in mere weeks.

FULL NAME:QuickThoughts
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Key Features Of QuickThoughts

Huge Survey Database
QuickThoughts derives its library of surveys from multiple web sources, effectively gathering them in one place. These surveys cover a wide range of topics and brands. Just choose any topic you like and start answering the questions. Every question answered is sure to earn you rewards.

Different Assignments
The app isn’t necessarily survey based. This is because answering questionnaires can become boring quickly. QuickThoughts doesn’t want to lose their users so they came up with creative ways to keep them engaged. In addition to surveys, assignments are sent out to the users. These assignments can ask you to take photos of products in nearby stores.

QuickThoughts: Take Surveys Earn Gift Card Rewards - Apps on Google Play
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Earn And Donate
You don’t just earn money, you earn points. The difference is that points act sort of as in-app money while the real money gets transferred to your bank account. QuickThoughts is linked to several charities across the US. So you can donate both your points and money to them. Either way, you make a small difference.

How To Download It On PC

Now don’t just rely on your phone to answer the survey questions. You can answer them online on your PC as well. This is especially useful when you are at your workplace. You don’t have to mindlessly scroll through questions in the vicinity of your boss. You can log into your computer and scroll through them there instead. Using applications known as android emulators, you can run this incredibly beneficial app on your console. Just follow the process below to get started.

Download it using Bluestacks

  1. To download this widely used emulator, go to www.bluestacks.com. There is a download link there that is reliable.
  2. When Bluestacks launches, go to the Play Store on its home screen. Make your Google sign-in before you can fully access the store’s features.
  3. Now search for QuickThoughts. When you find it, tap it to initiate download.
  4. After download completes, you can use the app by clicking on the icon from your homescreen.

Download it using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. You can download this emulator from its official site www.bignox.com. In addition, download the apk file of QuickThoughts from a reliable source.
  2. When Nox configures, you will find an option at the bottom sidebar that says ‘Add apk file’. Click it to add your app’s apk file.
  3. In a couple of minutes, your surveys will be ready for filling from the Nox home screen.

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