What Is Quake III Arena?

Step into 1999’s most popular battlefield ground, the Quake III Arena. The game is known for being one of the first great FPS games in a largely multiplayer environment. It involves a large group of players who are locked in a squared arena with their respective weapons. To escape the arena unscathed, they need to get rid of their enemies. Now these enemies can be bots or real people, depending on what mode the player chooses.

The levels get more and more difficult as the player successfully clears the goth-like maps. The thematic colours are tinged with red and black, giving the game its iconic grim look. Quake III Arena’s popularity has stood the test of time. We say this because it is played in professional sports events like the Cyberathlete Professional League and the Electronic Sports World Cup, even today. It set an impressive benchmark for FPS games in its heyday and even though it has been surpassed by the modern FPS games, it retains its iconic status in the gaming world.


Key Features Of Quake III Arena

Join Your Clan

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In this hunt to kill, you are not alone. A pack of hungry hunters (or bots, depending on what mode you choose) will let you join them for a ransom of blood. After you offer a worthy kill to them, you can join the troupe and embark on a mad pixelated rampage to kill enemies together. In this world, only one clan can thrive. Make sure it’s yours.

Explore Maps

In true arcade fashion, the battles take place in a span of forty maps. Each map comes with its own dreary environment, a perfect fit to the slaughtering that is supposed to take place in it. The maps are quite huge, providing plenty of spaces to hide and run. It is essentially a hide and seek game but on a bloody level.

Power Yourself Up

Make sure you collect power-ups when you are pursuing someone. They help to strengthen damage as well as instantly kill people. Your team gets a different coloured power-up that strengthens every member simultaneously. This way, you can launch impressive team attacks on other teams.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

CPU Processor: Pentium II Processor/ AMD K6-2 Processor

RAM Memory: 64 MB

Video Card: 4 MB Video Card

Available Storage Space: 70 MB

How To Download On System? 

To download the game on your system (PC/Mac), click the link below:

Once the site opens, follow these instructions:

  1. Scroll towards the bottom of the page where you will see a blue ‘Download Now’ button. Click it and you will be redirected to another site.
  2. Here you will another ‘Download now’ button. Just click it and your download will automatically start.
  3. The game downloads as a zip file so you need to extract its contents first. Extract the files and save them to a new folder. Name it ‘Quake III Arena’.
  4. Open this folder. You will find multiple files bearing the name of the game. Double click the one that has an .exe extension in its name.
  5. The installation window opens. Just clicking ‘yes’ to every option that appears until you finally hit ‘Install Now’. Once you click it, Quake III Arena will begin to download.
  6. You are now ready to step into a playground riddled with bullets. Happy shooting!

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